Sydney Cove 1792

Sydney Cove 1792

Arrived Free on Pitt 1792

Atkins, Richard                 Magistrate

Buckner, Elizabeth            Wife of Reuben Buckner, convict, who died on voyage. Aged 17 years, formed partnership with Tuckwell of NSW Corps. 1828 as Elizabeth Kirk, aged 53 with Patrick Kirk Atlas (1) at Prospect.

Edge, Sarah                       Wife of Fane Edge NSW Corps

Giles, Mary                        Wife of William Giles, NSW Corps

Grose, Mrs                         Wife of Major Grose, NSW Corps

Howard, Elizabeth             Wife of John Howard, convict 1791

Morrison, Mary                 Wife of Archibald Morrison NSW Corps

Urch, Elizabeth                  Wife of Benjamin Urch NSW Corps

Sherwin, Ann                     Wife of William Sherwin NSW Corps

Singleton, Hannah             Wife of William Singleton, convict


Edge, Sarah                        4 years; daughter of soldier                              

Grose, Francis (Jr)              3 years; son of soldier

Dowling, Mary                   4 years; 1828 as Mary King aged 40  with Thomas King (Indian 1810) at Cabramatta with their five children

Singleton, Sarah Ann         6 years; daughter of convict

Singleton, Benjamin          4 years; son of convict

Singleton, Joseph               2 years; son of convict

Sherwin, John                    6 years: son of soldier

Urch, Benjamin                  born on voyage December 1791; son of soldier

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